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222                                       THE PC EMS OF BiHA'BINI B^S.

the intensity of his mysf/.-a! devotbn In terms of exaggerated warmth.

are more suggestive u* an'alj than a divine passioa. But the short extract
that follows is of a different character, and is of special interest as confirming
the conclusion already stated as to the date of Hari Das ; since it mentions DY
name both tie Emperor Akoar wrJ also the death of his famous friend Birbar,
which occurred in 159-} A, 15.

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" Why boastest thoa thyself, 0 mortal man ? thy body shall be the prey of
dogs and jackals, though without shame or fear thou now goesi delicately. This
is known throughout the world to be the end of all ; a great man was the Brafa-
maa Birbar, yet he died, and at his death the Emperor Akbar was sad of heart,
Bor himself longer lived nor aiigkt availed. When gods or demons breathe out
their life, Deaii holds them in his maw, suspended^ neither here nor there, but
In an intermediate state, All astray and swelling with piide? on whom is thy
trast ? Adore Hari's blessed lotas feet ; to roam and wander about from house
to house is all vanity. By the strong aid of Hari Das, Blliariai Das has found
and laid hold of the Almighty.'*

The founder of the sect has himself left only two short poems, filling 41
leaves, entitled SddMran SMdkmt and Ras fe pada. The former is here given
both in the original text and in a translation, Most of the habitues of the

* One MS, for  "laI rt&di fflra* *titt
r              te tke                       m :;. more common tern jv4ll iam^ (to
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